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2022-23 Archive

2023 events gone by...​

June 4, 12pm: Annual Meeting & Picnic  A fun way to wrap up the season!

(Photos above)

​May 6:  Club Meeting & Plant Sale Prep

  • 1:30 at Jean Blake's home

  • Bring a chair and gloves, wear a hat and sunscreen, and prepare to spend time with your fellow members getting to know each other better. Refreshments will be available.

  • The meeting is also the last chance to bring plants (except for herbs and tomatoes) for the plant sale. We'll have potting soil and pots so feel free to dig up a few more plants, throw them on a paper bag, cardboard, or in a pot, and bring those babies with you. We'll pot them. If you don't have plants, no worries, come anyway!

​April 2:  One Bite Can Change Your Life: Ticks

  • Presented by Larry Dapsis, Entomologist and Deer Tick Project Coordinator for the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Service

  • Laugh as you learn about ticks, tick-borne diseases, and prevention.

Larry Dapsis

April's Larry Dapsis

​March 5:  Pollinator Pathway Cape Cod

  • Presented by Carol Alper, Master Gardener, former president of the Nauset Garden Club, and steering committee member of Pollinator Pathway Cape Cod

  • Carol will cover how Pollinator Pathway Cape Cod is growing, what groups can do to support it, offer ideas on planting native plants, and address lawn and fall clean-up issues. She will also talk about public gardens and how groups can add new pollinator gardens to Cape Cod's public spaces.


February 5:  Winter Sowing Using Hardy Perennial and Vegetable Seeds  (photos below)

  • Presented by Debbie Anderson, Master Gardener and Sandwich Garden Club member

  • Bring a 1 or 2 lb. container (a strawberry container works best; a lettuce container will need holes punched in the top and bottom for drainage, using a hot screw driver); also bring a spray water bottle, if possible

  • SGC will provide potting soil, a variety of seeds, and water

  • If you have particular seeds in mind to sow, bring them along, too

  • Bonus! Learn to make origami seed envelopes

​January 8:  Prevention of Gardening-Related Injuries: Lifting, Carrying, and Using Common Gardening Tools Safely and Effectively

  • ​​Presented by Jim Michaels, PT, MS, Med, Master Gardener

  • Bring your favorite tool and tell us why you love it

January program
"Prevention of Gardening-Related Injuries"

Photos from the Annual Picnic & Business Meeting, June 2023. The day was unseasonably cold but smiles were warm. Thanks to hostess Beth Hearn and to all who worked behind the scenes to make it a fun and successful event. It was a great way to wrap up the 2022-23 club year. 

Photos from "Winter Sowing," presented February 5 by Debbie Anderson (center photo), Master Gardener & Sandwich Garden Club Member

winter sowing 3 AWW.jpg
winter sowing 2 AWW.jpg
winter sowing 1 AWW.jpeg
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