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I plan to donate the following plants for the May 13, 2023 Plant Sale:

For each type of plant (below),

enter its name and/or variety*

and the quantity you plan to donate.


(*Please try to identify each plant's details but If you can't, that's okay! Just type in what you *do* know

(if anything) and add a note that you're not sure so we can help.)

If you prefer to print & fill

a hard copy, click here


See below for

delivery instructions.

Thank you for donating!


All plants should be potted and labeled, if possible.

TOMATO PLANTS - Deliver to the PLANT SALE SITE (Town Green across from the Fish Hatchery on Rte. 6A) on the day of the sale -SATURDAY, MAY 13, no later than 8 a.m. 

ALL OTHER PLANTS - Deliver to 20 MOODY DRIVE, SANDWICH (Jean Blake's house) on or before THURSDAY, APRIL 27. Leave plants under the tree near the driveway.

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