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Upcoming Member Programs
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Member Programs

2023 Program Schedule

Unless otherwise indicated, all programs are held at 1:30pm at the Sandhill Community Center, 16 Dewey Ave.

Masks are optional. If COVID conditions necessitate a change to our protocol we will post it here.

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​January 8:  Prevention of Gardening-Related Injuries: Lifting, Carrying, and Using Common Gardening Tools Safely and Effectively

  • ​​Presented by Jim Michaels, PT, MS, Med, Master Gardener

  • Bring your favorite tool and tell us why you love it


February 5:  Winter Sowing Using Hardy Perennial and Vegetable Seeds  (photos below)

  • Presented by Debbie Anderson, Master Gardener and Sandwich Garden Club member

  • Bring a 1 or 2 lb. container (a strawberry container works best; a lettuce container will need holes punched in the top and bottom for drainage, using a hot screw driver); also bring a spray water bottle, if possible

  • SGC will provide potting soil, a variety of seeds, and water

  • If you have particular seeds in mind to sow, bring them along, too

  • Bonus! Learn to make origami seed envelopes

January program
"Prevention of Gardening-Related Injuries"


​March 5:  Pollinator Pathway Cape Cod

  • Presented by Carol Alper, Master Gardener, former president of the Nauset Garden Club, and steering committee member of Pollinator Pathway Cape Cod

  • Carol will cover how Pollinator Pathway Cape Cod is growing, what groups can do to support it, offer ideas on planting native plants, and address lawn and fall clean-up issues. She will also talk about public gardens and how groups can add new pollinator gardens to Cape Cod's public spaces.

​April 2:  One Bite Can Change Your Life: Ticks

  • Presented by Larry Dapsis, Entomologist and Deer Tick Project Coordinator for the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Service

  • Laugh as you learn about ticks, tick-borne diseases, and prevention.

Larry Dapsis

April's Larry Dapsis

Photos from "Winter Sowing," presented February 5 by Debbie Anderson (center photo), Master Gardener & Sandwich Garden Club Member

winter sowing 3 AWW.jpg
winter sowing 2 AWW.jpg
winter sowing 1 AWW.jpeg
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