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Sandwich Garden Club Gathering

Our Story

The Sandwich Garden Club aims to stimulate friendships, knowledge, and the love of gardening, and to enhance the beauty of Sandwich and Cape Cod.

About Us

The Sandwich Garden Club exists exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Our objective is to advance and encourage the art of gardening and horticultural study with a directive of faithful conservation in keeping with the natural resources of Cape Cod.

We are local gardeners that share our diverse interests in horticulture and civic participation. We are not affiliated with state and national Garden Clubs. Our experience ranges from beginner to Master Gardeners. As a result of our active role in gardening, our members refer to themselves as “the Diggers.

We are governed by a board of directors in which each position is held for two years.

We normally meet on the first Sunday of the month at 1:30pm at the historic Sand Hill Community Center at 16 Dewey Avenue in Sandwich. Our meetings provide useful information about gardening methods, plant cultural requirements, and local gardening events. Meetings include a raffle, snacks, a horticulture table with featured plants or cuttings, and a book exchange/borrow. You are welcome to attend a meeting to experience the magic of gardener-friends.

About Us
Our History

Our History

In the land of sand and wind, eight women answered a classified advertisement to share information about gardening on Cape Cod in 1997. When faced with the challenging conditions from nutrient poor sandy soil to heavy clay soil, these women wanted a group to help each other unravel the mystery of gardening on Cape Cod. They wanted to know how you apply science-based and organic solutions to our garden challenges.

Yvonne Kirshaw and Helen Knollmeyer led this inaugural group with Yvonne elected as the first President at the first meeting in 1998.


In these early days, the members planted and maintained a 17th-century herb garden at the Hoxie House and a memorial garden at the Council on Aging on Quaker Meetinghouse Road, Sandwich. They dedicated a bench to founding member Margaret (Peg) Gridley. They also maintained the garden at the Sandwich Chamber of Commerce Information booth on Route 130.

In 2006 we applied and were accepted as a 503C-7 Social Organization and renamed as The Sandwich Garden Club. Today we have a solid base of members and welcome new and experienced gardeners to our Club.


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